Monday, February 16

Awesome Gaming Inc. Introduction


An auspicious greeting to a website we hope you'll enjoy. Corvys and myself (Wookeh) are a pair of Dungeon Masters/Game Masters/Storytellers/Secret Keepers/Gaming Gods, and we have started this blog as a combined outlet for our creativity.

What you'll find on this site:
  • Imaginary worlds, universes and multiverses we've built
  • Nations, cities, suburbs and buildings in those worlds that we've stocked with gaming fluff
  • Adventures and campaigns for RPGs that you can run
  • NPCs we've statted, and PCs we'll never get to run because we've got Other Things To Do
So we invite you to join us and share your creativity. Comments are left open - please, give feedback, share your insights, criticisms and compliments. Be creative - email us or comment your own ideas, and we'll see what we can do to help expand it, explore new ideas, and maybe post it up here!

So good luck, have fun, and we hope that you get horribly lost in our endless imaginations!

- Wookeh

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